Made to Order Mushroom Bags

$122.22 - $174.44

Like a custom order, but simpler (and cheaper!)
Prices include the cost of a brand-new purse, artwork, and shipping to U.S. residents. Non-US residents will be charged an extra shipping fee at checkout.

You choose from the following, and I will make you a totally unique mushroom purse! :

- Two Bag Options
- Four Color Palettes
- Extras (if any)

If you'd like stars added to your custom purse, let me know in checkout notes and I'll add them for free!

Bag Information:

Both purse options are black vegan leather.

Bag A (small option): 8.5" (L) x 5.5" (H) x 2.75" (D).
Adjustable 26" shoulder strap.
Zipper pockets on front and back, and 2 pockets inside.
Starts at $122 (standard custom price: $185+)

Bag B (medium option): 10" (L) x 7.2" (H) x 2.4" (D).
Adjustable shoulder strap. 2 interior compartments, with multiple pockets.
Starts at $144 (standard custom price: $205+)

Purses will be completed and shipped approximately 3 weeks after your order is placed, depending on demand. Please monitor your email for updates.

Because this is a simpler and cheaper version of my standard customs, the process is a bit different. I will make a totally unique mushroom bag based on your selections, but the design is otherwise up to my personal discretion. Think of it like a "mystery" bag where you choose the base product and colors.
If you'd like a more specific custom with an unlisted purse, please contact me directly for a standard booking (standard custom prices will apply).